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Back pain in India is a very common problem for almost all age groups above 20. It is characterized by discomfort, tension, or soreness in the back area, particularly in the lower or upper back. It can range from a dull, persistent ache to a sharp, sudden pain that may limit mobility and daily activities. There are several reasons for back pain which mainly include injuries, medical conditions, obesity, etc. Along with these, there is one more major issue that causes this back pain, your Sleeping posture and the type of mattress you are using. In some cases, you will need medical help to cure this issue but you can rectify your sleeping posture by upgrading your mattress. In this blog, we are going to discuss the best sleeping mattress available in India which can help you with your back pain.

There are many mattress brands available in India but all are not up to the standard quality which can help you with back pain. So to solve your problem here is the list of some of the best sleeping mattress that can genuinely help you in solving your back pain issues in India.

Basic and Essential Criteria

Before starting our list of best-sleeping mattress in India for back pain, there are some basic and essential criteria that you should look for in a sleeping mattress. Mainly there are 6 criteria which are

  • FIRMNESS: The ideal firmness of a mattress varies for individuals, but generally, medium-firm mattresses tend to provide a balance of support and comfort for people with back pain. A mattress that is too soft might not offer enough support, while one that is too firm can create pressure points.
  • SUPPORT: Look for a mattress that provides proper spinal alignment. Your spine should maintain its natural curvature while lying down. The mattress should support the heaviest parts of your body (like hips and shoulders) while keeping your spine properly aligned.
  • Material: Different mattress materials can affect back pain differently. Memory foam mattresses conform to your body’s shape, providing support and relieving pressure points. Latex mattresses offer both support and bounce. Innerspring mattresses with individually pocketed coils can also provide good support.
  • Durability: A durable mattress retains its shape and support over time. Quality materials and construction are essential to ensure the mattress remains supportive for an extended period.
  • Personal preference: While certain guidelines can help, personal preference plays a significant role. Some people with back pain might find relief on a memory foam mattress, while others might prefer a different material or firmness level. Consider trying out different types of mattresses to determine what feels best for your back.
  • Consultation with a healthcare professional: If you have chronic back pain or specific back conditions, consult with your healthcare provider or a chiropractor. They might recommend certain mattress types or features based on your individual needs.


After looking at these basic criteria only, you should select the best sleeping mattress for your back pain. But there are so many options available in the market and sometimes it gets very confusing while buying the right one. So to ease your job we are listing out some of the best sleeping mattresses available in India for your back pain.

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1. The Sleep Company SmartGRID Orthopedic Pro

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Price range- 29000 to 45000

Warranty- 10 years on manufacturing defects

Ratings- 4.5/5

  • This mattress has Japanese SmartGRID Technology and is Developed by DRDO scientists. This smartGRID mattress intelligently adapts to your body shape and 2500+ air channels allow adequate airflow for your cool & comfy night.
  • Also, this company has been scientifically approved and recommended by Experts, Doctors, and Scientists at All India Health Association (AIHA). After rigorous testing, it has been certified as the ultimate orthopedic mattress for back pain relief.
  • The mattress provides a firmer feel with a firmness score of 8. The layer of Ortho Relief foam enhances the comfort of your spine, back & hip. An additional orthopedic support layer offers targeted support in 5 zones to the main areas of your body, providing optimal natural posture alignment and pressure relief where you need it. So that, you wake up feeling refreshed every morning.
  • The premium quilted Melange fabric cover adds an extra layer of protection to your orthopedic mattress. The Anti-skid Base supports the core of the medium-firm mattress and keeps it in place.

2. SleepyCat Latex Mattress


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Price range- 8000 to 25000

Warranty- 10 years on manufacturing defects

Ratings- 4.4/5

  • This mattress comes with medium firmness and has a responsive base.
  • The top layer of the mattress consists of Latex which helps with cooling. This also has an open Cell Memory Foam and a 5-zone base for orthopedic support. The Anti-skid base helps it from sliding off.
  • This mattress also provides responsiveness and doesn’t sink as much as other mattresses. The Bamboo Fibre Fabric adds a soft touch with antibacterial and moisture-wicking properties.
  • One other feature that this company gives is a 100-night free trial so that you can return it if you do not find comfort after using it.

3. FITMAT Cool Gel Orthopedic Support Memory Foam Mattress Topper


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Price range- 8000 to 10000

Warranty- nil

Ratings- 4.1/5

  • It is not a mattress but a topper that you can use over your existing mattress for better comfort. It can save you a lot of money if you already have one mattress and you don’t want to spend more again. This changes the way you sleep instantly without changing your whole bed.
  • Fitmat memory foam topper adds a soft and conforming feel to your existing mattress that will result in a deeper sink that cradles your body and its Ventilated design improves airflow and breathability. Memory foam helps to distribute your body weight evenly and conforms to curves to alleviate pressure points
  • Fitmat memory foam compresses evenly beneath the unique weight and shape of a body, conforming to curves. The Topper reduces pressure points, which helps to alleviate that nagging ache in your neck or back. No matter if you’re a back, side, or stomach sleeper, you will get the support you need to sleep better and get to sleep faster.
  • The topper comes with a cotton premium cover with elastic so that it can be attached to your existing mattress from all sides. You’ll never have to worry about dirt or dust with our removable, machine-washable cover.

4. SleepyHug AirCell Ortho Luxe 5-inch Orthopedic Mattress


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Price range- 6000 to 11000

Warranty- 10 years on manufacturing defects

Ratings- 4.7/5

  • SleepyHug Ortho Luxe mattress comes with AirCell Honeycomb Grid Foam that offers optimal support for your spine, making it a perfect choice for people suffering from back pain. Along with this, the mattress features OrthoMatrix HR Foam which offers firm support, making it an ideal hard mattress for back pain.
  • This mattress is made with CoolFlow Memory Foam that adapts to your body shape and temperature, providing a comfortable and cool sleep experience.
  • The mattress comes with a breathable removable cover that is easy to clean, ensuring your sleep mattress remains fresh and hygienic.
  • The mattress is designed to last long, backed by a 10-year manufacturer warranty.

5. SLEEPSPA BY COIRFIT Ortho Bonnell Spring Mattress


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Price range- 20000 to 35000

Warranty- 7 years on manufacturing defects

Ratings- 4.0/5

  • The mattress comes with innerspring technology, which offers ideal bounce, back support, and a longer mattress life. Bonnell springs with helical wire frame and ortho layer help in reducing back pain. The ortho layer offers luxurious comfort & relieves body pressure points.
  • The ortho bonnell spring mattress has been specially designed for spinal alignment at the right spots; for better vertebrae support which relieves the body pain and gives sound sleep. HR Foam Encasement provides Support even on Edges. Mattresses with Bonnell spring architecture are lighter and have better airflow.
  • These springs ensure a longer mattress life because they are made of high-carbon, anti-corrosive wires. This is made of anti-corrosive, high-carbon wires, these springs guarantee a longer mattress life. This durable mattress withstands years of use.
  • It is a perfect mattress for those who want the Firm comfort of an Orthopaedic Mattress with Bonnel Springs for fresh Sleep.

6. Duroflex Back Magic

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Price range- 12000 to 20000

Warranty- 7 years on manufacturing defects

Ratings- 4.2/5

  • The mattress is built with Knitted fabric with foam quilting which makes it perfect for giving you a peaceful night’s sleep and most importantly back painless sleep. This also has a certified 5-zoned orthopedic layer. This allows your spine to be rested perfectly and target the pressure point accordingly to give a more relaxed posture.
  • The air cooling feature of this mattress is another branch that allows you to complete a peaceful sleep without heating issues.
  • All Indians know that Duroflex gives the best quality. This also gives a warranty of 7 years which makes it a suitable contender in the race for the best sleeping mattress for back pain in India.

So this was the list of the best sleeping mattresses available in India for back pain. Hope you will find this blog helpful and will choose the mattress wisely for a night of better sleep.

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