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Many people are now entering into the share market or stock market in India. If you are a beginner and looking for Best apps for investment in India then you are at right place. There are thousands of trading applications available in India and one can easily get confused in choosing the correct one. The best trading or discount broker app is the one where the maintenance fees is low, brokerage fees is minimum and you get high margins. Along with these the interface of the platform should be easy to use and it should be secured. Also there should be good service and customer support. In this blog we are going to list 3 best apps which you can choose for investment in India.



Best apps for investment in India

It is one of the best trading platform of India having more than 1 million active users. If you don’t know about the security of this platform then you should know that it is funded by Ratan Tata himself. The User interface in this app is simplest of all which is the most important criteria for beginners.


Why upstox?

  • It is the top rated application in play store and you will get many other helpful features in this app. You can earn upto Rs.500 per referral in this app.
  • Upstox has best advanced technology trading platform- This has the best UI and you can easily understand all the charts on it. There are many indicators available here which makes it even more simple to operate. This is super fast and heavily secured; which helps during intraday trading.
  • One can easily open a trading and demat account here with just only Rs.199 (18% GST extra). The maintenance charge in this platform is only Rs. 25 per month or Rs 300 per year. Rs 300 is nothing in comparison to the service which upstocks provides.
  • Low brokerage charges- The brokerage charge in this platform is minimum. You need to pay no fees at all while doing trade in equity delivery. And you will have to pay only Rs.20 per executed order if you are doing intraday-trade. You will get great margins through upstox.

Brokerage calculator for Upstox-


Best apps for investment in India

It is the second app in our list of best apps for investment in India. With a rating of 4.3/5 in play store it provides the user some best service.

Why Groww?

  • You can open Demat and Trading account free of cost here and there is no monthly maintenance charge also.
  • You can earn money from the “Refer and Earn” feature of this app. One can earn upto Rs. 100 per referral and can directly transfer that money into the bank account.
  • The brokerage fees is also minimum in this app. You need to pay nothing if you are doing equity delivery trade and only Rs. 20 per executed order or 0.05% of the order (which ever is less) is required for intraday trading.
  • There are absolutely no hidden charges applied by this trading app. You can check the total brokerage charge of groww app in their official site. You just need to enter all the details of your trade and you can easily calculate the brokerage for Groww app in the link below.

Brokerage calculator for Groww App-


Best apps for investment in India

With a rating 4/5 in Play store this is the third app in our list of best apps for investment in India. One can get a vast options for trading through this app.

Why Zerodha?

  • The interface in this app is very user friendly and a beginner can easily operate it.
  • You need to give only Rs. 200 for opening the account here.
  • You can earn heavily from its “refer and earn ” policy. According to the current policy it is giving 300 rewards point for each referral. The reward points are not actual money but you can use them to learn from the paid courses available in this app.
  • Apart from these you will get 10% of brokerage fees from each of your referrals for lifetime.
  • One can get the best margin of profit in trading from this app.

Brokerage calculator for Zerodha-

According to us these three are the Best Apps for investment available in India currently. You can download these from playstore or ios store. Thank you for reading. Hope you have liked it, if yes please like our FACEBOOK PAGE to stay updated and get such trading related advice in future.

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