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Our life is changing at a rapid rate and we have already experienced it after the Covid-19 pandemic. In this ever-changing time one thing which still has same importance as before is staying fit. Many traditional things like working at office, meeting at hall etc has changed by the help of internet. But there are no alternatives to fitness. In this blog we will try to solve this problem of yours. Here you will get the list of best home workout apps which can help you stay fit and maintain your body posture without going to the gym. Many people live in places which don’t have any gym nearby. This list of best home workout apps will also help them to achieve their dream body. So lets start listing the best home workout apps.



Best Home Workout Apps

Rating on playstore- 4.9/5

This is one of the best apps for home workout. Developed by Leap fitness group, this app has everything which you desire a fitness app should have. It has routine for all levels of customer. You may be beginner or intermediate or advanced, this app will set your routines accordingly. There are no need pf any kind of instrument if you want to train according to this app. This app has 4 weeks plan in which it will make you a pro in home workout. In the 1st week it will ask for training of 7-17 minutes daily and by increasing slowly you can train for upto 24 minutes daily. It has workout plan for every parts of our body such as full body workout, chest, legs, arms, back and abs. Almost 100 Million people are using this.


  • This app has voice guiding functions which can motivate you and train you properly during exercise.
  • This app will track your progress and will help you yo plan accordingly.
  • Videos of coaches are also available in this app which will help you to exercise correctly.
  • you can set a goal of your own and workout according to that.
  • This app also keep a track on your calorie intake which can help you in maintaining a healthy diet.


  • There are ads which can disturb you while exercising.
  • The calorie count will work if you have smart band with you.


Rating on playstore- 4.8/5

It is a life changing home workout app for people who like to stay fit but don’t want to invest much time on exercises. This app work on the principle of HICT (High intensity circuit training). This HICT mode of training has been declared as the most effective, safe and efficient way to enhance a persons muscle and health. As the name suggests this app only take 7 minutes daily to make you fit and healthy. In this 7 minutes there are 13 exercises each of 30 seconds and there is interval of 10 seconds between each exercise. You only need a chair and a wall to complete all these exercises. It uses the body weight of a person as resistance to train whole body. It has more than 10 million users worldwide.


  • You can adjust the exercise time length and interval time according to your suitability.
  • Voice help is there for proper exercise.
  • Workout videos are there from which you can learn the exercise correctly.
  • Exercises can be done anywhere and anytime.


  • Ads is a main issue in this app.
  • Also there are no provisions for monitoring your diet or calorie intake.



Best Home Workout Apps

Rating on playstore- 4.5/5 (Editors’ choice)

With more than 10 million downloads it is one of the most desirable apps in the category of best home workout apps. You just need to sign in with your mobile number and you are good to go. One can sign in with google or Facebook account also. At first it will ask for some personal details like name, age, gender, city etc. Then it will ask for your height, weight and the desired weight you want to be at. It will also ask you for your deadline in which you want to accomplish the goal. According to your data it will create a chart by following which you can achieve your dream. In that chart it will mentio all the things like how much to eat, how much to drink, how much to exercise etc. You can actually get benefited from this app.


  • There are many stories of people who have undergone the transformation which can inspire you to work hard.
  • Categories like guidance from coach, diet plans, weight loss, muscle gain, calorie counter etc are there.
  • The coach guidance is a very important feature in this app.
  • The user interface is customer friendly.
  • There are options for mental wellness also.


  • The app is not entirely free and can cost some money for premium purchases.
  • The calorie counting in this app is not accurate.


Rating on playstore- 4.8/5

It is an unique app in our list of best workout apps. It is the most simple app you will find. You need to select your gender before entering into the app. After that you have to select your preferable exercise from various categories available. This app will help you to count your calories and the number of minutes you have worked out. You will get your report of workout here on daily basis.


  • The user interface is the simplest.
  • There is voice assistance you can download to stay motivated during exercise.
  • There is option for language change also.
  • One can change the rest time for exercise here.


  • There is heavy advertisements in this app.


Best Home Workout Apps

Rating on playstore- 4.2/5

This app was declared as the best apps for workout in 2020 by the “Health line.” There are over 900 different exercises available here. This app can help you to train anywhere at anytime. After downloading this app you have to enter your name, gender etc and then you need to select your goal i.e. to gain muscle or to loose weight. It will suggest you different exercises based on your body types. Before suggesting it will ask you different questions like your age, weight, height, body type, workout duration, sleeping habit, eating habit, how much you walk etc. After this it will ask you for the pace at which you want to achieve your goal and to choose the days on which you want to train. Now all you need is to sign up and you are good to go.


  • The workout suggestions are completely based on your data only.
  • The user interface is easy to use.
  • You can check your progress on daily and weekly basis.
  • There is option for image comparison of your body also.


  • You need to be a pro member to avail all the offers.
  • There are no training advisor available for free users.


Rating on playstore- 4.8/5

It is another best app in our list of home workout apps. As you can see the rating for this app is highest and you can depend on this app for changing your body in the way you want. You need to enter your personal details to get started along with a Facebook or gmail account to login. It has all the tracking options you need in a workout app. Here one can check the progress on daily basis. Also it has all kind of exercises starting from chest to leg. It has the options for YouTube workout where you can watch videos of workout.


  • You can choose whether you want equipment workout or equipment free workout.
  • The user interface is very friendly and you can track your progress easily.
  • There is a library of workout where you will find all kinds of workout options.
  • You can also add your favorite YouTube workout videos in this app.


  • There are no coach to guide here in this app.


Rating on playstore- 4.6/5

With more than 1 million downloads in the playstore, this app has a huge users base. Here you will get all kinds of exercises from upper body to lower body. To use this app you don’t need to give any kind of gmail or Facebook account. One can start directly just after installing the app from store.


  • The user interface is very simple and easy to use.
  • There are many challenges available which can motivate you in right direction.
  • There are options for stretching out and making workout plans for you.


  • The premium membership cost high price in this app.

These were some best home workout apps available in the app store which can help you to stay fit and maintain your body.

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