Why we started this??

We are in our college now and we found that many students are not aware of the day to day affairs, many students don’t get the proper platform yo read this, many don’t have time to read and some don’t like to make a note every day by searching different papers or journals. That’s why we decided to establish a platform where students can get brief notifications about all the important current affairs of the respective week and also we have try to keep it simple for faster and easier reading. We will also post other study materials which will be very brief and to the point.

Who is it for??

The site is aimed at anyone who wants to get acquainted with daily affairs, and also for people who like it short and simple. The current affairs section is grouped briefly and students can access to any particular section they like.

Blogging team

Ramakanta Sahu

(Post graduation in Chemistry)

Srikanta Sahu

(B.Sc. Agriculture)

We both have completed our bachelor’s degree and now we are looking to start something new of our own. We are finding this new work very joyful and will like to help other students out there as much as possible. All the data available in our posts are 100% correct as we are cross checking it multiple times from various sources. So you can trust us.??

Uniqueness about our site.

We know about your hectic schedule as we have also passed this college students life from typical government colleges. That’s why we will provide you with brief data and notes which will be helpful to you in your upcoming exams. Don’t worry we will lift up the burden of making notes of different subjects from your head. Just visit the site and you will get all you wanted.

Learn from the very best

Join us and we will make sure you get all the correct and complete data about your topic which will help you in your competitive exams.

Our Motto

“Providing Perfect Value For Your Time.”

We are here

Dunguripali, Odisha, 767023
Phone:+91 8328877278
Email: weeklygyan7@gmail.com

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