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Interesting facts of north korea

What comes to your mind when you hear “North Korea?” You must be thinking about Kim Jong-un or his dicatatorship. Do you know that North korea is called the hermit kingdom? It is the world’s most isolated country and also the world’s most secretive country. North korea is short of electricity, short of food and money. People aren’t allowed to use the internet, keep a pet, travel outside the country, make international calls, wear blue denims, take a hot shower at home or even use contraception in this country. It’s a country of communism, dictatorship, tyranny, dynasty and lost promises. So how did north korea end up this way? Read this blog and you will find out some interesting facts about North Korea.


History of North Korea

In 1945 the second world war had just come to an end. After decades of Japanese rule; the fate of the Korean peninsula was left at the mercy of the Soviets and the Americans. They divided korea into two zones; the North and the South along the 38th parallel. The north was heavily influenced by the Soviet union. So they installed a communist guerrilla leader named Kim il-sung as the premier of it. He is one of the four Kims who is responsible for the current situation of North Korea. Also the dictatorship in this country started from him.

North Korea has many interesting facts but lets 1st discuss about their leaders.


Kim il-Sung

Kim il-sung’s original name was Kim Seong Zhu. He was born in Korea and trained in China. He had fought the Japanese and also lived in Russia. Now he was back in korea with a new name Kim il-sung meaning Kim become the son. But later he became a dictator. Three years after coming to power Kim il-sung invaded the South. War started which lasted three years. After the war Kim il-sung declared the ideology of “Jewish” meaning self-reliance. He took over all controls of property and economy. North korea invested heavily in mining and building military. The country’s economy boomed but it soon hit stagnation. North koreans began slipping into poverty. In 1994 Kim il-sung died of a heart attack and with him the promise of jewish or self-reliance also died.


Kim Jong-il

He is the son of Kim il-sung. He instituted a new policy called “SONGUN CHONG’CHI” which means military first. The ordinary citizens became more neglected and isolated. In the mid 1990s North Korea was struck by a famine. At least 2-3 million people died. The country severely needed international help but Kim Jong-il’s policies were against it. Despite signing the nuclear non-proliferation treaty he went towards his nuclear dreams. In the year 2006 North Korea carried out its first underground nuclear test. Five years later kim jong-il died of heart attack.

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Kim Jong-un

Interesting facts of north korea

He is the third kim in this list. At the age of 27 he got his position by executing his uncle and poisoning his half-brother. He also silenced about 300 top military leaders in his country. Kim wasted no time in accelerating north korea’s nuclear program. Between 2016 and 2017 he conducted three nuclear tests including a hydrogen bomb, 30 short and long missile launches and an intercontinental missile launch. He is considered as one of the worst dictator in today’s world.


Life style of Kim Jong-un

Discussing about interesting facts related to North Korea and if we are not mentioning the life style of Kim jong-un then it will remain incomplete. There is a world of difference between the life of an ordinary North korean and the lavish lifestyle of its dictator.

  • Kim spent thirty three thousand dollars on American alcohol and more than ninety five thousand dollars in German wine in 2016.
  • The caviar he eats is imported from Iran.
  • His coffee is flown in from Brazil.
  • He eats steaks of kobe beef while his people starve to death.
  • He buys christian diors for his wife and spends around three and a half million dollars on lingerie for his pleasure squad.
  • A yatch of 8 million and a fleet of over 100 cars is owned by him.
  • Before taking every important decision he rides a white horse to Mount Paektu which is believed to be the birthplace of klKim Jong-il. The mountain also served as a military base for the first kim.


Kim Yo Zhong

She is the fourth Kim we will know about. She is kim jong-un’s sister. Once she was called as the Ivanka of North Korea. This was after she led the north korean delegation to the pyeongchang winter olympic. But turns out to be more unpredictable than her brother. After returning from south korea she began issuing threats to Seoul. She recently warned US president Joe Biden to not cause a stink if he wants to sleep in peace for the coming years. She also called the South Korean leader a parrot. Kim Yo Zhong became the new face of the Kim dynasty when rumors of Kim Jong-un’s illness death news emerged.


Some fancy rules in North Korea

  • North koreans were recently forced to give up their pet dogs so that they can be used for restaurant meat.
  • North koreans have been told to produce 200 pounds of human manure a day to fertilize the soil and revitalize the country’s economy.
  • People can’t keep a pet.
  • They can’t use the internet.
  • There is ban on traveling across the country or make international calls.
  • Citizens here can’t wear blue denim.
  • People can’t even use contraception without permission from government.
  • Parents can’t name their children Kim jong-un.
  • Only 14 hairstyles have been approved for North korean women.
  • Men can’t grow their hair longer than 5 centimeters.

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North Korea vs USA

  • A lot of what north korea is today has to do with its obsession with the US. North koreans refer to Americans as big noses. Kim Jong-il wanted to avenge the korean war by going against US.
  • The kim dynasty believes that the only way to ensure history does not repeat itself is by building fear. Hence the nuclear program in North Korea. Nukes are also pyongyang’s (capital of North Korea) way of negotiating with the world.
  • In the singapore and vietnam summit between Kim jong-un and Donald Trump, the US asked for the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula and in return Pyongyang asked for sanctions to be lifted.
  • But in May 2019 North Korea resumed its short-range ballistic missile test. In june 2020 North Korea marked the second anniversary of the singapore summit by declaring that it is strengthening its nuclear attacks.
  • On the 21st of March 2021 North Korea fired off two cruise missiles and again four days later it fired two short-range ballistic missiles which violates u.n security council sanctions.


Current situation of North Korea

74 years of rule by the kim dynasty later this is where north korea stands:-

  • North korean are internationally isolated. Countries like USA, South Korea, The European Union, Japan and Australia has imposed sanctions on it.
  • This country is starving. Out of 25 million people, at least 10 million are malnourished. Most families in North Korea can manage only two meals a day and many live on corn only.
  • North Korea has 25,554 kilometers of roads but only 724 kilometers are paved.
  • The pandemic has worsened the situation. North Korea which heavily relies on china for almost all of its external trade has reduced imports by 75%.
  • Between june and september the country was hit by severe flood. And today it does not have enough food to feed its people.
  • Kim Jong-un has banned all emergency aid and no one dares to contest his policies. People shed tears at the glimpse of him.
  • The pandemic was a golden opportunity for North Korea to reconnect with the world. All it had to do was accept humanitarian shipments but Kim Jong-un had other plans.
  • The factory output in North Korea has fallen to its lowest level since Kim took power in 2011 and the price of staples like sugar has quadrupled.

In conclusion the future of North Korea looks worse. These were some interesting facts about North Korea. Hope you have found it worth reading and if you liked it please follow our FACEBOOK PAGE to stay updated.




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