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Normally the smartphone camera quality has increased so much that we rarely need any apps for editing photos. But sometimes its become necessary to edit them before posting them in social media or using them in necessary places. There are thousands of apps for editing photos in Android and iPhone and sometimes we get confused on which apps to download. Since you are reading this post, i am assuming that you are also going through the same problem. In this blog you are going to get a brief overview of top 3 apps for editing photos available for Android and iPhone. We can guarantee you that after reading this post you will end your search for best photo editing apps. So lets start our list.

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What makes a photo editing app the best?

To be the best photo editing app, the app should be easy to use because no user wants to spend time searching for right menu or right tool. There should be enough and useful tools in an app, which can enhance the look in your photos. The best photo editing apps should also contain the feature to share the modified photo with family and friends, which is the ultimate goal of editing.

After some research we have decided to put Snapseed at the top of the list as it can be the app which can fulfill all your conditions. This app has all the tools you require and at the same time it is very easy to use unlike some complex photo editing apps.

Now let’s start the complete list with full features of the apps.


Best apps for editing photos

Rating on playstore- 4.3/5

If you are searching for best photo editing apps then you must have come across this name Snapseed. It is developed by the most trusted technology company Google. From the name of its creator only, you can imagine how good this app is. This app has got all the necessary features in it starting from simple cropping of images to complex background change.

If we will talk about the editing menu then you are going to get all basic options like White balance, Lens Blur, Tonal contrast, Crop, rotate etc. These are the basic needs if you are looking for a simple image editing.

Now let’s come to the complex or advanced tools of editing. If you are a pro editor and looking for some heavy editing then also this app is enough for you. In this you will get tools like healing, grainy film, HDR Scape, Curves, Tune image, Brush, Tonal contrast, Grunge etc. These things can help you to get the desired shine you want in your pictures. Also it can increase the beauty of your photo to whole new level.

Other than this, this app also got many exciting AI tools. These AI tools can help you to get desired glow in seconds. The AI powered tools are Glamour Glow, Drama, Vintage, Retrolux, Black and white etc.

The most important thing is that this app is totally free and you dont need any extra payments to unlock the tools. Also there are no unnecessary ads which makes the app usage boring.


Best apps for editing photos

Rating on playstore- 4.3/5

You might have used various other apps from the Inmagine lab which is a major app developer lab for Android and iPhone. This app has got the label of Editors choice with over 50 million downloads. This app will allow you to customize your Photos and pictures at your own way. There are no shortage of any kind of tools and frame you need to customize your photos.

If we will talk about the tools then you are getting Blur, crop, rotate, heal, splash etc. There is a feature called Auto fix which works like a magic and the AI will automatically choose the best customization for the photo.

There is option for the text where you can write anything over your picture. Also there is option for the brushes where you can brighten, darken, doodle your photos. There is another options for overlay where multiple pics can be accommodated in one frame with each picture having different style.

I gurantee you that you will never find this app out of your choice but there is a con in this app which is the advertisement part. But there is a solution to this problem where you can stop the advertisement. The only thing you need to do, to stop this is just switch off your mobile data and you are good to go.


Best apps for editing photos

Rating on playstore- 4.2/5

With over 500 millions downloads, it is one of the most widely used app by the public. This is not only a photo editing app but also it is used as a camera app also. The camera function is having various utility. The filters available are simply awesome. The Artificial intelligence will make you go wow. You can take pictures in its software which will not require any further editing also.

Now coming to the editing features which is the main moto of this blog. In the beauty options you are getting to customize your face, eyes, nose, lips etc. There is options for body editing where you can choose to edit parts like hips, waist, shoulders, legs etc. Along with this there is options for makeup, touch up, paint, reshape etc also which makes this app a perfect photo editing apps.

Apart from this the app is very easy to use and any one can download it for free. Also video editing is possible with this app. The only problem is that there may be appearance of advertisements sometimes while using the app. So i will recommend you to try this app if you are searching for an one step solution.

We hope that this blog will end your search for best photo editing apps in playstore. Thank you for reading this article.

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